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How To Make Moving To A New House Easier

#Moving to a new house is one of the most daunting tasks anyone can deal with. It can easily become far more painful if not executed with care. As stressful as it can be, a small degree of planning goes a long way to making sure your next move is a stress-free process. Explained below are some simple hacks to ensure that moving to a new house remains a smooth experience.

Get the internet and energy connection connected

It makes good sense to contact your internet service provider at least two weeks before the day you move out, as most providers have their slots filled many days in advance. This ensures that you can set up a working internet connection right before you relocate to a new house and avoid being without the internet in your new home.

Connecting the energy at your new house also comes as a top priority. This can be done by calling your energy provider, providing your new address and personal details and specifying preferable connection dates.


The best time to clear out unused items is when you’re moving to a new house. After all, who wants to pack up and pay for relocating undesired possessions? It goes without saying that advance planning to #declutter your items will surely keep those stress levels in check. You could just question yourself, ‘When did I use this item last?’ If the answer is, a long time ago – the time may be right to donate to the op-shop.

Recheck your moving checklist and map out a floor plan

Planning is the most crucial aspect of ensuring a stress-free moving day. Make an exhaustive list of all items in each room and have a look at all you would want to relocate, then recheck the list. It is also essential to have a clear idea of the floor plan for your furniture. This helps to avoid last minute shuffling and associated headaches.

Use a Turn-key Relocation Specialist to move your home or business and contents

Turn-Key #relocation specialists lighten the burden of moving by providing a complete package that allows you to focus on the important things, rather than the stresses of moving. Turn-key relocation specialists can advise you on locations, manage property searches and manage the move and settling in processes. This is especially useful if you are moving interstate or from overseas.

If you need any further advice and help to move to your new home, get in touch today!

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