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Seniors - Twighlight years Relocating Gold Coast  

Moving can be daunting for anyone, and sometimes it can all seem a little overwhelming and a tad stressful.  When you are moving from your established family home, it is no small task.  It will involve many decisions. 

If you are a senior moving to a smaller home, seniors living community, retirement village or assisted living residences,  RelocateUs will be able to assist you with the organising, and move management into or out of your accommodation.


RelocateUs will help:

  • Seniors moving assistance

  • Help with packing and unpacking, setup of new home

  • Selection and supervision of moving companies

  • Assist with dealing with real estate agents including home searching

  • Manage tenancy details – liaise with the realtor, complete your entry condition report

  • Manage the move planning and on the day move

  • Downsizing, organising, packing and unpacking and setting up at your destination

  • Home care services  - cleaning & gardening organised

  • Administration – connect computers, sort paperwork, bills, change of address and mail redirections

  • Disconnection of utilities – reconnection at new property if applicable

  • De-clutter, organise and purge possessions

  • Preparing your home for sale

  • Attend inspections for you

  • Utilities connection  and disconnection assistance –Internet, Telephone, Electricity, Gas, Water

  • Furniture Disposal – organising sale of, charity disposal or storage requirement.

  • Packing and Unpacking

  • Storage solutions

  • Supply Packing boxes at heavily discounted pricing

  • Organise security systems

  • Prepare for Sale assistance

Sometimes family are too far away, or not equipped to assist and this is where we come in.
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