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Destination Services Overview

Whether you are moving from suburb to suburb or across the world our Family relocation and Executive Relocation services will allow you to get on with your business and remove the stress of trying to fit your move and all that goes along with it, into an already, very busy schedule. 

Gold Coast executive relocation assistance for Families, corporate executives, or individuals  requires the knowledge of a specialist who knows about moving on the Gold Coast.

Services include all those listed here and more:

  • Accompanied  or unaccompanied  home searching

  • Rental or lease liaison,  & tenancy agreement assistance.

  • Inspection coordination;  we will do pre-inspections of properties and report back to the client

  • Manage tenancy details – deal with the realtor, complete your entry condition report etc.

  • Attend inspections for you

  • Utilities connection  and disconnection assistance

  • Move-day supervision

  • Furniture Disposal – organising sale of, charity disposal or storage requirement.

  • De-clutter and organise.

  • Packing and / or Unpacking and setting up your new home for your arrival

  • Prepare for Sale – assisting you to get your property looking great for sale - packing away unnecessary.

  • Arrival support – orientation program 

  • Administration

This one on one service will help you to feel more comfortable, sooner.   With nearly 30 years as a Gold Coast resident, our comprehensive knowledge of what the Gold Coast has to offer will be a worthwhile & an enlightening service for any newcomer or visitor thinking of moving to the Gold Coast.  
The orientation package will be made to suit your specific requirements. 

Assistance with the essentials:

  • Shopping – the best location, knowing where to go according to your specific likes and dislikes.

  • Leisure amenities – sporting, theatres, clubs, dining etc

  • Schools – Kindergartens, Pre-schools, Primary, Secondary and University both private and public.  If you require someone to go with you to interviews, this can also be organised.

  • Health – Doctors, Dentists, Hospitals and assistance with Health insurance and Medicare

  • Necessary amenities – Banking facilities, Insurance, Phone and Mobile providers, Transport systems, library and government agencies etc.


RelocateUs will help:

  • Selection and supervision of moving companies

  • Assist with dealing with real estate agents including home searching (Tenant Representative)

  • Manage tenancy details – liaise with the realtor, complete your entry condition report

  • Manage the move planning and on the day move

  • Downsizing, organising, packing and unpacking and setting up at your destination

  • Home care services  - cleaning & gardening organised

  • Sort paperwork, bills, change of address advices and mail redirections

  • Disconnection of utilities – reconnection at new property if applicable

  • De-clutter, organise and purge possessions

  • Preparing your home for sale

  • Attend inspections for you

  • Furniture Disposal – organising sale of, charity disposal or storage requirement.

  • Packing and Unpacking

  • Storage solutions

  • Interior Decor Service – sourcing furniture and trades people to “make-good and comfortable”

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