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Relocate Gold Coast Information

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Relocate to the Gold Coast

When you relocate to the Gold Coast you want to have an experienced relocation agent. Important things to remember when appointing an agency:


Ensure they live on the Gold Coast

Have local knowledge of not only the area, but of the rental market, schools and facilities available to you

Talk to the relocation agent before appointing them as you are on a personal journey and want to have a connection with your Agent.

Moving to the Gold Coast and need help to find a new home to live, a new office space, or find a school for your children.  We also help setting up your new home, declutter your home for sale, everything to do with moving, we can help you with.  RelocateUs has been helping people since 2012 and want to help you too.

If these thing are important to you, then look no further.  With our up to date knowledge of the Real Estate rental market and livable areas on the Coast I will make your transition a pleasurable, entertaining and a knowledgeable experience.


If you are a surfer you would be aware that the Gold Coast offers some of the best surfing beaches in Australia, maybe even the world. 


Below is a list of beach areas and what makes them special:

Kirra Beach:  Known for it legendary Kirra Barrel, and to the Surfers as 'Surf Central'


Snapper Rocks:  the place that hosts the elite surfing events like The Rip Curl Masters, Quicksilver and Roxy Pro to a name a few.  It is an unpatrolled beach, that offers rock pools and great places to fish from.  It's just a short broad walk to Rainbow Beach which is patrolled, and safe to swim.

Burleigh Beach:  Annually hosts the Breaka Burleigh Surf Pro and is  probably the 2nd most popular beach on the Coast.  When the surf is pumping and its a south easterly swell it's definitely the place to be.

Palm Beach:  just south of Burleigh Palmy offers good consistent beach breaks that improve with the swell

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