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How to write a Pet Reference for your Rental Application

If you have a pet and looking for a pet friendly rental property it may prove useful to have a pet resume to offer the landlord or real estate agent . When you write this resume, keep it sincere, honest and positive and it should be a reflection of yourself.

Creating a resume for your fur baby presents an opportunity for you to show a summary of your pets best attributes and supply the prospective landlord that you are a caring owner and aware of your responsibilities as the pets handler.

Providing the following information about your pet will assist with your rental application:

Formal details State the following:



Size & weight

Whether your pet is microchipped

Whether your pet is registered with the GCCC (if not now, will it be)

Whether the animal is desexed and registered. Pet’s rental history If you have had your pet in a previous rental property, providing past neighbours references (with their consent – name & phone number if possible)

Your pet’s health If you have a regular vet you could supply your vet’s name and contact details. at Confirm that your animal is vaccinated and has regular flea, tick and worming control and that they are kept up to date. (provide supporting evidence if possible)

Mention if your pet is bathed regularly or attends a “doggy day care”

Your pet’s personality, behaviour, activities and training Provide information about your animal, whether it is an

· inside or outside animal

· pet loves to visit the dog park or beach

· is the pet is like a child or a watch dog.

· Quiet

· Trained – ie at puppy school or older dog that is well mannered

· Sleeps all day and night

· Loves to sunbake

· Does the dog or cat like to walk regularly or is it a lounge dog that prefers to rest

· Is it a friendly animal that interacts well with strangers

· Has the pet been to boarding accommodation and how did it respond

· Has the pet been in a rental property before

About you and Your responsibility as a pet owner

Present the facts clearly and show the landlord/ agent that you are a responsible pet owner and ensure you include:

· Any previous rental experiences with the pet

· Supply past landlord /neighbour references

· Provide information about your dogs toilet training and that you pickup your animals waist

· Mention pet obedience training if applicable and include any certificates

· If you use a groomer, their reference would also be helpful supportive evidence to it behaviour

· Is the pet alone most of the time or with company

· Most importantly be honest about your pet and its behaviour

· Include a photo of your pet

· Be honest about how many pets you have or intend to keep.

· How much you love and care for your pet.

State that you are aware and will abide by the rules and restrictions if any at the accommodation for which you are applying. References

As mentioned above, Agents and Landlords will look positively on any written references that you provide about your pet.

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